The Greatest Miracle

When we think about miracles, many ideas and images cross our minds, you might be thinking of few right now. But what is the greatest miracle of all? 

Before Jesus came to earth and walked among us, God performed many miracles using or through His prophets. Raising the dead, multiplying food, stopping the rain, lifting an ax from the water by throwing a stick of wood in the water, throwing a tree in a bitter water and it became good for drinking, water flowing from a walking rock (just imagine a rock following you wherever you go just to supply you with water. It seems like a fiction movie.) …

Then, Jesus became flesh and walked earth as a human being like you and me. Jesus performed glorious miracles, like “raising the dead, healing the sick, giving sight to blind men, creating eyes for some fellow, walking on water, calming the storm, casting out demons—the list is endless of what Jesus did and the miracles He performed while on earth.

Now, Jesus after ascending to heaven, sent His disciples to do miracles as well. They raised the dead, cast out demons, healed the lame, healed the sick by a handkerchief, or even by just walking near the sick (just imagine one more time that God’s glory is hidden in your shadow and that God is using not just you but your shadow as well to heal the sick.) How MARVELOUS!

All these miracles are supernatural, amazing, beautiful, extraordinary—words cannot describe them—yet they are not the greatest miracle.

The greatest miracle began to occur or using better words, God began performing the greatest miracle after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The greatest miracle is when God transforms a person from a sinner to a saint, from an enemy to a friend, from a foreigner to an heir, from a slave to a son, from a tail to a head, from a beggar to a king… and all that in ONE SINGLE MOMENT!



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