The Armor Prayer


Put on the Armor of God before leaving your room!

Father, I Put on the belt of Truth. You are the Truth and your word is the Truth, let it be the foundation of my life and to which all the parts of the armor are attached. I declare that the belt of Truth will protect me from deceit and from backsliding. I will not fall in Jesus name.

I put the breastplate of Righteousness on. In Jesus name I am God’s righteousness in Christ. There is nothing righteous in me except the blood of Jesus that circles in my veins. I declare that the breastplate of righteousness will protect me from all inferiority, from the doubt that I am saved, and it will protect me from the devil’s darts that aim at my heart. It will protect me from his harmful plans to break me and kill me spiritually.

I wear the soldier’s shoes and I am prepared to take the gospel of peace to all people, under all circumstances, and not be knocked off my feet by the opposition I may encounter.

I hold the shield of faith which will protect me from the devil and his attacks. Give me a great faith. I ask you Lord to give me a new RHEMA today that will increase my faith, for faith comes by hearing the Rhema word of God. I want to be able to believe in the hard times more than in the calm and joyful times. This shield of faith will help me tear down all thoughts and rebuke all evil desires and imaginations in Jesus name. Holy Spirit pour oil on my shield (anointing) so it remains fresh and be able to stand all temptations and hardships.

I wear the helmet of Salvation. Yes Lord I am a new creation in Christ. Thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for loving me unconditionally. This helmet will protect my mind from all evil thoughts. All negative or sinful thoughts will not be able to have roots in my mind in Jesus name. I am saved! Oh hallelujah I am saved. Therefore, I will discipline my mind by the word of God to receive only the good and godly thoughts and ideas.

I hold the sword of the Spirit which is your word. The only weapon to be used for attacking and for defense at the same time. The sword is attached to the belt. What I say should be linked to the biblical truth. This sword that Paul referred to is a double edged sword.  The word” two-edged” used for the word of God in Hebrews 4:12 means “two mouthed”. The first blade was sharpened when God spoke His Word and the second blade is the power released from the written Word of God when I speak it. Two mouths: God’s and mine. The sword will defend me from deceit, from the devil’s lies; it will give me the power to resist temptation. The sword will help me attack sickness and diseases.

Give me a new prayer today Lord, a new praise, help me enter your glory as I offer you praise and as I worship you. Prayer is a face-to-face meeting with God in order to present to Him my wishes and desires. As I am praying now I am prepared to go out, stand and conquer in Jesus name. I will be back to spend more time with you, to praise you until the spirit of worship comes, to worship you until the glory comes and then I will stand in your glory and be so close to your heart. Amen.

PS: you can find the scripture in Ephesians 6: 10-20


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