question-mark-manSome things will not be understood until we reach heaven. Don’t go to hell over a mystery.

I once heard a true story about a man called Charles Greenaway. Charles was an ordained minister in the Assembly of God in the 1930s in Elba, Alabama. Deep within he had a desire to travel and serve as a missionary. The only thing that was preventing this burden for missions from being fulfilled was his son Daniel.

Daniel was a beautiful child, but he had contacted leukemia. The Assembly of God missions could not risk a minister living overseas in a foreign nation with such a sick child, as there would be few if any treatments and Daniel would consume the time of his father and mother. Charles submitted to the decision and remained in the States, and continued to pastor the church while his son received treatments for the leukemia.

Charles believed that God was certainly able to heal his son, and often he and others prayed for this to occur. Despite all the prayers, Daniel’s condition worsened until Charles’ wife told him that she can’t see her child suffer any longer and she asked him to pray for the Lord to take Daniel home. After prayer, Daniel went home to be with the Lord at age nine.

After Daniel’s departure, Charles prayed a prayer. First he thanked God for giving him Daniel, then he noted that he didn’t understand why Daniel was not healed, but he told God: “I will not go to hell over a mystery”. He was telling God that he didn’t understand why a loving God would allow this to happen. He didn’t understand why God – the Healer supposedly– didn’t heal his boy. He could have complained, he could have hated God, he could have been filled with bitterness and anger towards God, yet he remained faithful, he kept believing in God, he kept believing that all things work together for the good for those who love God, for those who are called according to His purposes (Roman 8:28).

Maybe you are facing such a tragedy right now, maybe you lost the dearest person to your heart. Just few days ago I heard some really bad news, a tragedy for the matter of fact. One of the dearest families to my heart was traveling with two other families from Turkey to Greece by boat where the boat sank. I was so close to their oldest daughter. We used to hang out at least 3 to 4 times per week with other friends. All three families are missing except this girl.  Her father, her mother, her grandmother and her ten years old brother, are all missing. Her sister was in another country when she heard the news. My friend swam for four to five hours to reach the shore. There, some people rescued her. She was in a foreign country; she didn’t have any money, no cell phone, no ID, no passport (her ID and passport were with her dad) and no clothes.

Thank God we could have contact with her. A guy saw her and asked her where is she from and if she knows someone. She told him that she attended our church in Lebanon. I don’t know how this guy appeared but it turned out that he knows someone in our church. They called him and they were able to contact us.

Just imagine losing 4 of your family members in the same day. What a tragedy! Yet these girls refused to hate God or blame Him. They are keep their faith in the God who holds their breath. OH Praise God!

Maybe you are facing such a thing. Maybe you are questioning the existence of God because he didn’t show up the way you wanted Him to show up. Maybe you feel God has disappointed you…

Beloved, I am here to tell you this: “DON’T GO TO HELL OVER A MYSTERY”. When you don’t understand why things went this way, trust God because He is right there for you. He has what is best for you. He will make all things to work together for your God. He never promised a problem-free life, yet He will make tragedies to work for you good. Just keep up the faith. Ask God to fill you with the gift of faith and not just the fruit of faith.

Faith is the only thing that is a fruit and a gift of the Spirit. The gift of faith works out best during tragedies and hard times. Trust God and run to Him. Don’t run from Him I beg you. Don’t go to hell over a mystery.

God exists and he has the best for you. Some things will not be understood until we reach heaven. Live a life of faith and one day God Himself will explain to you why he allowed such a thing to happen.

The story of Charles Greenaway didn’t end with the death of his son. Because he remained faithful, God opened a door for him to travel and go to the mission fields. His desires and burden were fulfilled. He started seventeen thousand churches, thirteen bible colleges, and preached on every continent except Antarctica. One man touched the entire world because he didn’t allow anything to divide his faith and make him question the purposes of God.

You too can do the same. God has higher purposes for you. His ways are not your ways and His thoughts are not your thoughts. So calm in the storm and sleep beside the Master, because He is in control.

I beg you; don’t go to hell over a mystery. Wait until you reach heaven where you will understand everything if you didn’t understand them here on earth.

Be Blessed,


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