Christmas Message

Christmas_CardLet’s use our imagination a little.

I would like you to come with me to heaven. The first thing we see there is someone who looks like a human sitting on a throne with a crown on His head. Those who live there call Him “the Son”. Everyone bows before Him . they say “He is the King if kings.”

Suddenly, every eye turned to Him as He was taking His royal robe down. Every breath was caught up when He put His crown aside.

“What is He doing?”, all asked.

Then the Son lift His hand to quiet everybody , and said: “You all know how much love we have for the human race, we made them in our image into our likeness. But humans are doomed, they are all perishing except someone goes down and save them”

While every eye looking at Him and every ear listening carefully to his words He continued: “I will go down and be born as a human of a virgin in a small town in Bethlehem, they will put me in a manger.”

“I will feel like them, I will cry like them, I will laugh like them, I will go hungry, I will go tired,I will sleep and I will tempted totally like them.”

“Humans will hand me over to their rulers and they will spit on me, they will beat me, they will say that I am crazy and that I am demon possessed. They will curse me and call me names, and they will kill me.”

“But don’t worry, because the Holy Spirit will turn me back to life again after 3 days and nights, He will be my guide during all the time I will be there.”

“And by the way, my name will be Jesus (The savior of His people). This will be my name forever even when I come back.”

The Son then sends His angel Gabriel to a young lady called Mary to tell her about His birth. Mary answers the call with gladness.

After nine months, on their way to Bethlehem, Mary delivered the savior of the world, and they put Him in a manger just like He said. shepherds came to worship Him after they encountered the angels and the received their message about the Messiah.

After around Two years later, wise men arrived to Jerusalem after following a star to see the new born king. When they see him they offer Him gifts and worship Him.

by closing this small message, I would like to ask you simple questions; “would you like to come and worship Jesus just like the shepherds and the wise men? Would you like to offer Him the greatest gift – YOUR LIFE? Would you obey Him just as He obeyed the Father even to death?”


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