When Your Past Hunts You

When your past hunts you

Our past seems to keep following us. We don’t know how to get rid of it, especially those who have a dark one. Why can’t those bad and tormenting memories go away? How can we forget them? We just wish we lose our memory in a way or another just to stop having those nightmares.

In the Old Testament we read a powerful story. That story is about a people being hunted by their past.

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Knowing & serving God



Do you remember the day you gave your life to Christ? Do you remember that feeling you had to leave everything and spend time praying and reading your bible? Do you remember how enthusiastic you were to serve God every time you had the chance? do you remember when the only thing you wanted back then was to share the good news with everyone you know in school, work, family…? When all you desired was to tell them about the grace of God and about salvation. When all you wanted was to see them saved.  Continue reading Knowing & serving God